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Let $fcolon (a,b)to mathbb{R}$ be a nondecreasing and continuous function. If $E={xin (a,b);|; exists f', f'(x)=0}$, then $lambda(f(E)=0$...

57+ min ago — 

...- P values non-significant but Monte Carlo confidence interval does... ...- Is a Poisson minus a constant still a Poisson?...

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2 Commuting, Continuous mappings from a closed interval onto itself doesn't always have a common fixed point....

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...Viewed 15 times 2 $begingroup$ The question is as such: -- Zorich Mathematical... ...has been asked once but has been phrased incorrectly since the author...

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What is the probability that the absolute value of the root of a polynomial is greater than $x$?

1+ hour, 9+ min ago — 

...To do this, I run a simulation generating random Kac polynomials...

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An unintuitive expected value in a coin toss sequence

1+ hour, 22+ min ago — 

.... - Who was the first philosopher to describe what we now call artificial...

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Maclaurin series for $(1+e^x)^{-1}$ and radius of convergence

1+ hour, 23+ min ago — 

...- Was it known in ancient Rome and Greece that boiling water made... ...Which document can she use to travel to/from Italy on her own?...

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Intuition on Kolmogorov 3 Series Theorem

1+ hour, 36+ min ago — 

...Intuition on Kolmogorov 3 Series Theorem This is rather general... ...and Greece that boiling water made it safe to drink and if so, what...

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How can I tune my NDSolve fct. to solve more precisely near a singularity?

1+ hour, 43+ min ago — 

...Share a link to this question via email, Twitter, or Facebook.... ...What does "far right tilt" actually mean in the context of the EU...


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