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Modelling of a Markov Chain via Subsequences

12+ min ago — 

...Modelling of a Markov Chain via Subsequences I'm running into an... ...interesting problem, in that I've found out that for the Markov...

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On how many circles will the roots of these constructed palindromic polynomials sit on?

16+ min ago — 

...- Is it rude to ask Phd student to give daily report?... ...- Reducing required length of a mass driver using loop?...

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Does the spectrum of the stalk of a point of a noetherian scheme contain an open subscheme about that point?...

25+ min ago — 

...- When Trump ex-rivals, who previously gave Trump terrible comments... ...from concluding that Revelation 13:3 has been fulfilled through Trump...

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Running into strange conclusions when using the modular character to define a right Haar measure

18+ min ago — 

...conclusions when using the modular character to define a right Haar... ...- Can your boss take vouchers from you, offered from suppliers?...

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Tetrahedron analogue of a triangle Cevians property

29+ min ago — 

...Insurance Company of New York -- What is it now?... ...files guaranteeing authenticity, integrity and sending time - Mutual Life...

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Exterior Algebra as a quotient is or is not compatible with Exterior Algebra as a vector subspace space with $det$ convention of wedge product?...

42+ min ago — 

...Or is there another issue I’m not seeing $endgroup$ – Chris... ...$endgroup$ – Chris Commented Mar 12, 2023 at 3:13 - $begingroup... ...your requests — here’s how it went - replacing a 15-amp breaker... ...with a 20-amp breaker - Why don't we call value investing "timing...

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Defining polynomial for a compositum of splitting fields

48+ min ago — 

...JP Journal of Algebra, Number Theory and Applications, 39(5), 685â... ..., C., Cesarski, T., & Jakes, P.... ...- Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York -- What is it now?...


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